Terras Persia Seismic Company
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Terras Persia Seismic (TPS) is an Iranian seismic company established and registered and started operations in 2003 on the Khuzestan project for NIOC Exploration department, since Its inception it has completed 6452 Kilometers of recorded Geophysical data. The majority of this data has been acquired in difficult Heliportable areas  which includes the record for  the highest  recorded data in Iran. As well TPS successfully completed  the Khorramabad Project for Stat Oil hydro  which is still considered the most difficult mountain project recorded to date in Iran.
Terras Persia Seismic (TPS) is an Iranian seismic company established and registered in Iran in 2002. The purpose of the establishment of TPS is performing the seismic data acquisition projects, data processing and interpretation plus transferring the seismic technology into Iran and training Iranian person in geophysical science.
            Acquisition Completed to Date

Crew 101
Khuzestan 1 Project          2077 km         NIOC Exploration
Khorramabad Project        530   km         Statoil Hydro
Fars I Project                     118   km         NIOC Exploration
Rohsd Project                    50    km         Iran Central Oilfields
Total kilometers completed to date for crew 101        2775km

Crew 102   
Khuzestan 1 Project         676    km        NIOC Exploration   
Fars 1 Project                   1787  km        NIOC Exploration
Fars II Project                    820   km        NIOC Exploration
Total Kilometers complete to date for  crew 102        2607 km

Crew 103
North Pars Project              720  Km        NIOC Exploration
Fars II Project                     220  Km        NIOC Exploration
Zahab 2D Project               130  Km        NIOC Exploration
Total Kilometers completed to date for Crew 103    1070 km

Total Kilometers completed to date for TPS         6452 Km